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Hi, I'm Sandy Mostaert a Marketing Professional and Creative Enthusiast

Sandy Mostaert's Bio:

YOU TIRED of "cookie cutter" approaches and missing deadlines?


If you are saying "I never heard of you" My reply "Maybe not by name but you know my work"  Check out my website to learn more

Being successful in my career is not to be the person in front of the crowd, but the person making things happen behind the curtain. I am best known to be the go-to-person when a job needs to be done fast and right the first time. When people are in the unknowns or facing difficulties within their organizations that is where you will see me at my best.

My customized solutions and creative edge will give you the ROI you strive for and the ability to be sustainable after I leave. My adaptability and flexibility is essential for the changing pace of any organization, including working arrangements.

My past clients working arrangements range from temporary - task specific, short term independent contractor (1099) or employment contracts (W2). I thrive on change, the unexpected, and enjoy alterations to my routines - like my friend the chameleon.

Let's Connect and see what we can offer each other. If your needs fall outside the scope of my expertise, I have a deep tool box of resources and people on my team that will help us get the job done. I am here to support, guide and give the experience of a full-service solution.

After all, creating and nurturing relationships while giving back to our community is my overall purpose.

Summary of Sandy Mostaert skills: Traditional marketing, graphic design, direct mail campaigns, annual marketing budget, marketing program, media buying, media marketing campaigns, direct mail pieces, tradeshows, marketing objectives, marketing strategy planning, website layout, search engine optimization, content marketing, public relations, social media, fundraising, B2B, B2C, project management, analytic / critical thinking, assessment, forecasting, sales / lead generation, networking.

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Sandy Mostaert's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, Design, Nonprofit, Charity, Community Building, Business Development, Art, Outdoors, Politics, Women Leadership, Education, Fundraising, Small Business, Networking

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